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Dear Master Instructor Ken,

When I was asked to write a thank you, a life came to my mind.  Ever since I began martial arts, you've been there for me.  Whether it be for my training or my family life you were there to support me.  I can't just thank you for one instance, but for all the times that I've spent with you.

Even when you yell at me, it's always in my best intetests.   I do trust you enough with my well-being both physically and mentally.  You showed me not only the tools that I need to succeed in life not just inside the martial arts center but also outside.

I can remember a time when I was actually scared of you (I know what a shocker), when the sheer magnitude of your presence was enuoght to make me stand up straight and be at attention.  Well, those times have passed and I now know your true intentions.  I know it's only until 10 years or so, but I finally know what you're all about.

You're about the people.  You have simple ones and simple means like any other human being, but what mainly captures your attention is the people.  You care enough to want to change every one's life that you teach.  Over the part 25 years of you teaching, there have been many students who have come and gone.  No matter what the circumstances were, I know that they took something from your teachings.  The main point is you care.

It's impossible to list all the things you teach me, but in general they are about makeing me a better person.  So that when I go into the real world, I won't be the person who walks by the lady struggling to pick up her books and carries on like I've seen nothing.  You teach me to be that individual that lends my hand to her and says I'll help you.

Day to day I see the effect of your generosity.  You've built your own small army of followers trying to find the right way.  You don't just teach us martial arts, but you teach us how to be better people in all aspects of life.  You're the one person who speaks their mind and isn't afraid to do so.  Not a lot of people have that ability like you so.  You are confident, you are smart, you are strong, and you're everything I aspire to be when I grow up.  There are just too many redeeming qualities that I can't put them all into one letter.

I know, I say thank you at the end f every lesson, but it only means so much.  Even the words that I write on this page are not enough to describe your true nature.  I'm sure I could go on writing, but you'd get bored and there's just too much to thank you for.

So all I can say is thank you; that I truly admire and love you, and that you have been like a second father to me.  My own father acknowledges this fact and agrees wholeheartedly.  You have created something that I don't think any other human being could create for me, besides my parents of course.  Now this thank you is getting sentimental, so I think I should end it right about here.  Thank you for everything you have done for me and everything you will do for me.  I only hope I can return the favor in the future.

Tyler Wojtasinski

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